Local residents comment on the cost of living
White, Conrad
Fletcher, Leah
Carew, Topper
Jones, Vickie
Barrow-Murray, Barbara
Johnson, Henry
Nicholas , Huntley, Jr
WGBH Educational Foundation
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moving image
In this clip Say Brother interviews local residents about their struggle to provide nutritional food for their families. Mrs. Ellen Pharms talks about the challenges involved in feeding a family of 6 on an average of $40 per week. Overall the program examines the impact of higher food prices on African American families living in Boston and offers suggestions on how to combat the high cost of living. Through segments containing interviews with women shopping and preparing food in their homes, co-op market organizers, nutritionist Mary Crumlin, and economist Allen Schultz, Say Brother illustrates the local population's frustration with the government, the producers of food, and the stores that distribute it. Program also contains cooking segments with Boston residents Salem Hardy and Aliayo Pryor. Produced by Topper Carew. Directed by Conrad White.
Subjects and keywords
Crumlin, Mary
Schultz, Allen
Civil rights
African American women
Low budget cookery
African American consumers
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