William Strickland oral history with Robert S. Cox and Jeremy Smith
Strickland, William, 1937
Cox, Robert S., 1958
Smith, Jeremy
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moving image
Conversation with Bill Strickland, Professor of African American Studies at UMass Amherst. Growing up in Roxbury; recollections of family and Malcolm X (00:04:25); importance of teachers, being selected as gifted in the third grade (00:05:22); entering Latin School and experiences with classmates (00:07:00); integration of streets and schools in Boston (00:10:00); admission to Harvard, where he was taught to think (00:11:45); majoring in German and then Eric Ericson Social Relations, reading Freud, and fell in love with psychoanalysis (00:12:40); impact of quota on Black students at Harvard and community among Black students (00:16:57); impressions of Malcolm in Roxbury, Eugene Walcott now Louis Farrakhan, Nation of Islam (00:21:22); Malcolm as a speaker, thinker, his background (00:24:15); formation of political views and experience with segregation in Georgia in Marines, southern racism, Black southern culture, experience in Marines (00:31:11); experience in Vietnam as a Marine (00:38:05); Viet Cong and Black soldiers, Agent Orange, land mines, and impact on both sides (00:41:55); return to Boston and entry into the movement, Northern Student Movement, racial complications in the movement (00:46:01); Harlem, interactions with Socialists and Communists, other movements (00:51:21); ties with southern civil rights movement, range of the movement (00:52:43); Bayard Rustin (00:55:13); NSM and organizing for Mississippi in Harlem SNCC, MFDP), Malcolm, Fannie Lou Hamer (00:56:47); Fanon and his influence, African independence movements, Malcolm and the international struggle (01:02:00); formating of People Against Racism and problems of white alliances, with white people having no concept of how evil the country can be (01:06:24); Malcolm's return from Africa and conflict with Elijah Muhammed Nation of Islam (01:09:50); Malcolm's death and his political direction before, moving toward a relationship with the movement (01:12:33); "American killed them all (01:15:00); Nation of Islam, Farrakhan.
Subjects and keywords
African Americans
African American college students
Race relations
Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Civil rights movement
Civil rights workers
X, Malcolm 1925-1965
Farrakhan, Louis
Rustin, Bayard 1912-1987
Hamer, Fannie Lou
Fannon, Frantz 1925-1961
Boston Latin School (Mass.)
Harvard University
Northern Student Movement
Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
Nation of Islam (Chicago, Ill.)
University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Massachusetts Amherst Department of Afro American Studies
Motion pictures (visual work)
Oral histories
Motion pictures
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